The 1st Mobile Dev Football Tournamen

Post by Diavostar | 01-11-2022

Joined Amobear Vietnam from June 1, 2018 to now for nearly 3.5 years, during that time, outside of work, Phan Dinh Khanh always kept in himself a passionate love for football & tried to spread it to everyone. . From the time when only a few brothers did not have enough teams, every month, they gathered people to play for 1-2 matches until today when the company has enough numbers to establish 2, 3 teams regularly working together weekly. It is not only an effort, but for Phan Dinh Khanh it is a result of a long-standing dream that has come true. To then light the fire for the company’s potential young players such as Ngoc Duy, Xuan Nghi, Van Do, Ngoc Minh, etc. to develop continuously. And with Amobear’s beautiful players, two PRO & STAR teams including faces from Team Games, Apps & Crypto had a competition on Phuong Nam football field (Hanoi), the match is in the series of events. event to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the company’s establishment from 2013 to 2022.

Before the game 10 minutes, the tension began to appear on the faces of the players, the captains of the two teams exchanged tactics – assigned tasks – positions with members of their teams. 8:30 a.m. The referee started the procedure, the souvenir flags were awarded and the two teams came out to greet the audience, the sunny weather was different from the previous rains, signaling an uncompromising battle between the two sides.








8h40′ The opening whistle sounded, the ball was immediately deployed on the field of the blue shirt players. The match was extremely exciting, with the enthusiastic cheers and shouts from the audience, which motivated both teams to fight hard & try to win the championship. In the first minutes, with their own strength, the ALL STAR red shirt players rushed to press the opponent, the ball was continuously pumped by the bottom line from the position of Hoai Thu & Dinh Khanh to the feet of Hong Quang & Van Tung, causing the back line to fall. defending the blue shirt was quite difficult and difficult to deploy the defensive formation – especially when the PRO team did not have the service of the tall player Van Do in the first half. Both teams continuously launched tit-for-tat phases, with the green team launching attacks always from Nguyen Tuan’s position, but in one day the force was short and the lack of grace from striker Xuan. Nghi, the bounces from the pair Ngoc Minh – Nguyen Tuan still could not ship the ball to the correct address. Especially the ALL STAR team also owns in the squad a steel wall – an extremely solid block – a person like Martínez of Man United, that is defender Thanh Lam.

The first few minutes passed, both teams launched the strongest pieces but could not open the points.
The turning point occurred in the 10th minute, from a fierce dispute in the middle of the field, Ngoc Minh lost the ball, Dinh Khanh quickly took the opportunity to score the opening goal into the far corner of goalkeeper Cong Bach’s goal.
Continuing the excitement, in the 22nd minute, Ngoc Minh lost the ball again, Dinh Khanh quickly kicked the ball up the right wing for Van Tung to cross and then Hong Quang escaped like a wind to cushion the ball close to the city to raise the score to 2 – 0.


After 30 minutes of play, the first half ended with the advantage of leading the table in favor of ALL STAR, the break between the two halves was extremely valuable for the PRO team to revive their spirits and add to the squad a possible name. turn the situation around – it’s number 46 Quan Do – who owns the height of over 1m8 of the Crypto team. On the opposite side, the lungless man – a treadmill of the ALL STAR team – Dang Hoai Thu knows that the upcoming second half will be much more difficult.



3 minutes after the second half started, when Quang Do had not yet left his mark, from a free kick from Hong Quang, the ball reached Van Duy’s feet, it was not difficult for this player to dribble through Trong Hieu’s feet. and made a pass that looked like it was placed above for Van Tung, then a turn of the compass to make it 3 – 0 in the helpless eyes of the PRO defenders. Nguyen Tuan alone is not enough to patch all the gaps and prevent the red shirt balls from scoring.




45 minutes from a phase to lose the ball carelessly from the middle of the field of captain Dinh Khanh, lightning fast Van Do with his skillful feet dribbled past 2 red shirt players Thanh Lam & Hoai Thu to give the ball into the net, bringing the first goal for PRO. The match became more dramatic.

But the joy was short-lived, 2 minutes after Van Do’s goal, Dinh Khanh waved the ball decisively upwards from the home field, the ball reached Ngoc Duy’s feet, accompanied as pictured with the ball from Nguyen Tuan, Ngoc Duy still tried to turn to shoot the ball towards the goal & in a lucky day of ALL STAR and the awkwardness of doraemon goalkeeper Anh Duc created conditions for Ngoc Duy to put his name on the scoreboard.

In the last minutes of the game, despite receiving a free kick near the goal due to Ngoc Duy’s foot error, it was not enough for the PRO team in the blue shirt to turn the situation around. The match ended with a score of 4-1.

Those who watch Amobear’s matches long enough will see that our generation of players in the 2020 tournament is full of blood, but tactical techniques are still limited.

Green bamboo is proud, modest, sturdy, but infinitely flexible, so it deserves to be a symbol of the character and unique qualities of our Vietnamese people and culture. A country where everyone is supportive of each other, looking forward to each other. The players are forced to forget their personal ego, to focus on the collective. Not only connected at work, thanks to football, everyone is more connected towards a common goal – victory.

Building a collective culture is impossible without the key people – the bamboo trees are always for the company and consider the company to be their home. It is Ngoc Duy who always goes up and down to place trophies and yards. , hire an arbitrator; Hoa Le designed and printed posters for the team; Dinh Khanh, the captain of the team the day before, was still sick, but he still showed up on time and did not leave the team behind; is My Ha running back and forth to her mother’s house to turn her legs; is Van Anh who is always responsible for taking photos for the event; Tri and Hung came very early to hang posters; are Thanh Thanh and Hong Anh, Mr. Tung pumped the ball to prepare cheerleaders, vv…

However, the results were not as expected – the team failed, at such times the players often got angry and blamed the tactics, the coach for not being in good form or for other reasons. … but rarely look at themselves, rarely slowly – actively sit and talk softly with each other. Similar to when developing an app or game, when having difficulty, Marketing complains Dev, Dev complains Marketing…


Keeping a peaceful attitude towards superiors and colleagues will bring a better result for everyone, in the human capacity chart knowledge only accounts for 4%, skills 26%, and attitude accounts for only 4%. up to 70%. So moving to a higher position, the skill and attitude factors become even more important.