New year’s day at Amobear

Post by Diavostar | 17-01-2023

No longer the familiar firecrackers filled with the sky, Tet has gradually become more modern when everyone is immersed in the joyful atmosphere and nervously welcomes New Year’s Eve through brilliant fireworks displays. And whether it’s past or present, Tet always comes and leaves a spark in each piece of Amobear’s puzzle…

Reopening childhood memories, we remember that every December of the lunar calendar, everyone is busy preparing for their own Tet. Starting with the peach blossom branches pruned by the father, to the trays or offerings to Mr. Cong Mr. Tao by a mother’s help, all have created indelible traditional beauty in the mind of each people. 

Everywhere is bustling and vibrant, but perhaps the most popular is the busy Tet markets of buyers and sellers, where all come to shop for items sold only on this occasion, “Fat meat, pickled onions, red couplets/Tree, firecrackers, green banh chung.” The joyful Tet days seem to have erased all the generation gaps between the elderly, adults, teenagers and children.

The traditional New Year has become the first steps of a year, where people’s moods suddenly become gentle again, behave the softest so that the next days in the new year are always peaceful and smooth. With those cultural beauties, the joy of celebrating Tet that seemed to never change and last forever, now gradually changes as life becomes more and more modern with active integration…

It is said that the older Tet is, the less happy it is, there is no longer an eager wait, no more anxious emotions with the prospect of reunions, reunions, going to celebrate the old age, receiving lucky money, singing parties all over the world all the way.

It’s strange, the older we get, the more strict we are with Tet. Or perhaps, the boredom before the urban rhythm has made us not look at Tet with joyful eyes like when we were little. The full life makes the monumental, sparkling New Year’s Day suddenly become normal, cumbersome and gloomy. People are more worried, Chung cake is always greasy, climate change makes Tet probably not cold, peach blossoms bloom early and new clothes can be bought all year long, not waiting for Tet anymore.

As we grow and age, the world around us suddenly becomes a dull and familiar place – so dull and so familiar that we stop paying attention to it. A child might notice the buildings and streets around him, but why should you when you’ve seen them tens of thousands of times in your life?

So are the holidays. When you have experienced dozens of Tet holidays before, have had dozens of New Year’s Eve meals with your family, returned to your hometown dozens of times, watched fireworks or watched all 15 programs of Tao Quan, you will find that everything is gone. more attractive. Tet now is just… normal. Light Tet!

Looking back on Tet with friends and colleagues at Amobear are busy busy days, not busy because of looking forward to Tet, but busy with messy deadlines, unanswered mail rows, unexpected meetings. suddenly persisted until late afternoon, the closer to Tet, the more hustle and bustle suddenly felt. Sometimes, we just hope that we don’t come to Tet, hope for normal days like every other, less busy, less worried, less have to have many other worries besides work, in addition to the past living habits familiar.

Van Anh – the special girl of the Amobear family, has just received the award for employees who have made positive contributions to the company’s cultural activities, and is also the winner of the Beauty Photo – Gift nice shared:

“Tet for me and other colleagues is not a beautiful dress and jam anymore, but a time to look back at myself, review the gains and losses after a year to give myself more opportunities to fix things. not done in the previous year. Tet as a reason for me to live more positively.”

For Mr. Nguyen Duong Tung, even though he has been with Amobear since he was the 8th member, until now, he is a piece of a collective of nearly 50 members, Tet every year has very different ideas.

“When I was a child, Tet was the pure joy of a carefree life. Entering adulthood, Tet is the smell of worries and responsibilities. Old age, Tet is more than the expectation of reunion and relatives. Having spent 9 seasons of Tet with Amobear, this place has become a home, an indispensable part of the spirit.” 

As young people begin to stand on the threshold of independence and adulthood, Tet becomes a meaningful and strenuous milestone. It is a milestone that marks us as having to take care of ourselves a decent life (whether married or not). Mark the fact that we have to start taking care of and thinking about our big family with reality.

This year is the first year Ha Tuan Dung celebrates Tet with Amobear, and also a memorable new year for Dung when he received the award for honoring excellent employee by the Board of Directors.

“It’s really surprising that I have only been an official employee of the company since October, but I am trusted and recognized for my contributions. This is not only a certificate of merit, but also a reminder that we must try harder in 2023.”

Who have we been for the past 1 year? Have we tried hard enough, achieved achievements – or simply, what have we done for ourselves and our loved ones? The hardships we went through, the trials we tasted. Success, failure, gain and loss. It all shows up at the moment when we hit the milestone of a new year. Some people will regret it, others will feel complete and successful. But in general, we all find a problem of ourselves in the old year, to remind ourselves to have a change for the new year, so that we become a better person, more mature, less the pressures of today, and strong enough to accept the pressures of tomorrow.

Maybe next year we will be different people than we are today. Experiences change what we once knew about ourselves. We will go further than we are now, lengthening the finish line we want to touch. We will have new hopes, new dreams, new great expectations. Everything is unpredictable, but let’s go into the new year with confidence and excitement. Because the hardships of the past and present will be a springboard for you to try harder in the following days. And because, you have a family to strive for, so that next year’s New Year will be filled with the happiness of a child who is becoming more and more mature…

Tet is like that, is a myriad of small things, lovely little moments, cute simple things like peach branches, jam boxes, Chung cake, is the pleasant romantic atmosphere of the 30th. , the 1st. No need for anything flashy or luxurious, just looking at those pictures makes the New Year’s Eve throbbing in my heart.

Tet is an occasion for us to be happy, an opportunity for us to reunite, and an opportunity for us to have new beliefs, new dreams, new turning points.

There is no holiday in the year that is as long as Tet so that we can spend time with our loved ones and family, why think it is boring when Tet is still present and creating an opportunity for us to share love? hurt more. Tet is inherently fun in its traditional identity and sacred meaning, so it will not change if we still look for new things but still try to cherish the roots to preserve the integrity and character.