CV writing skills for Information Technology Fresher

Post by Diavostar | 04-06-2022

You are a recent graduate, do not have much work experience.

You have the ability and good attitude, but despite applying to many companies, you still get rejected without understanding why?

Then, do you know what is important when writing a CV for IT jobs? Tech skills? Experience? Or professional qualifications? All are true, but at the Fresher level when you do not have much experience, how do you highlight these things in the first place so that the employer has a good impression of you is not easy.

Let Amobear give you tips to help you improve your CV writing skills to get the job of your dreams!

1. Let’s start with professional qualifications, degrees
Keep this short and concise. Just list all your degrees, certificates and dates received, the schools you have attended for this major. In addition, to stand out more, you can take online courses on W3School, Codecademy, Coursera, … both to improve your professional English and also make your CV brighter than thousands of other CVs.

2. Certificate in English
Currently, there are many IT projects working with foreign partners, if you have an English certificate, don’t hesitate to add it to your CV (Example: 2020 – IELTS 7.0). Having more foreign language skills also brings a higher salary for you.

3. Technical skill description
This is an important part for you to impress the employer. What you do in this section is just list the skills you have, if there are special skills, the better, don’t forget to emphasize what are your strengths among these skills.

4. Experience / Project
With this guide to writing a CV, it is recommended that you arrange your experiences in chronological order of most recent onwards.
You can also create an IT job experience sheet that includes the name of the company you worked for, the time, the position you held, your duties and responsibilities while in that position, and don’t forget to emphasize the achievements while in this role. For example, you are a Game Developer and your Game has received more than 100,000,000 downloads on Appstore/CH Play. The inclusion of figures in the CV is a huge plus point in the eyes of the Employer.

5. Reference information
This is the time to provide contact information for previous managers so employers can contact them to ask about you. Make sure you include people who are sure to say good things about you.

In addition, a few tips on how to write a CV for IT jobs in particular and other industries in general for you:

Don’t reuse CVs for different positions
➤ Use metrics to quantify your achievements whenever possible
Interests section where you write your outstanding interests or are related to your company. For example, at NCC, there is a ball club, singing music, you can also put those activities in the hobby section to make an impression.
Take time to prepare your CV, experience, achievement: difference, can or participate in discussions to help improve skills… Don’t let your CV be dry, you can be creative through presentation and structure to make your CV stand out.
➤ If there are any gaps in your CV that you cannot fill in, you should give a brief explanation why.
Well presented, no font errors in CV or use of more than 3 colors

Finally, what employers care most about when hiring you for an IT job is whether you have the right skills for the company as well as long-term development orientations in the future. With the above CV writing guidelines, you will easily show that you are a suitable choice from the beginning and completely get a good impression of the employer.

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