Amobear Workshop: Optimizing Games with Firebase Data

Post by Diavostar | 04-06-2022

Speaker: Do Thanh Lam – Developer team Game

If you are a programmer or simply a technology lover and read the news on your phone or computer, then Firebase can be a phrase that is seen quite a lot. So what is Firebase? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Firebase? Let’s find out more with Amobear through Mr. Dang Thanh Lam’s presentation on April 23!

Firebase Overview

Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating web and mobile applications that work in the cloud. It helps developers to quickly develop mobile applications by simplifying database operations.

Firebase grew out of Envolve, an earlier startup founded by James Tamplin and Andrew Lee in 2011. They founded Firebase as a company in September – 2011. In April 2012 Firebase went public for the first time.

In October 2014, Firebase was acquired by Google. Since then, Firebase has released many new features and is loved by many developers in their projects.

Firebase essentials for mobile games


First, the Dashboard is a dashboard that gives us an overview of our application such as the number of active people in the last 30 minutes (compared to current time), the number of people working with the respective screens (% corresponding to each screen, average time), the country of the world and the number of users respectively.


Next is the event that will contain all the events (events) for your app. Analytics integrates on top of Firebase features and gives us unlimited reporting for up to 500 distinct events (the events here can be login, logout or other business related events). our own) which we can define using the Firebase SDK.

Remote config

A service that customizes how an application is displayed to each user. It is used to change the look and feel, roll out features gradually, run A/B tests, provide custom content to users, or make other updates without deploying the latest version from scratch. control panel.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method to compare two versions of a webpage or application. find out which version works better.


This is a function to search and check for problems and problems that arise during the actual operation of the application, divide the problem groups and find ways to fix them. quick.

Cloud Messaging

Cloud Messaging provides an identifier for notifications and sets up the desired message delivery audience.

Through the Workshop, all Amobear staff had a broader and clearer view of the Firebase application. Thereby, everyone can flexibly use the function of the appropriate application and optimize their personal work. Thank you Mr. Lam for bringing extremely useful and interesting knowledge to the Amobear family.