Office Reader : Document Scanner

Post by Diavostar | 10-04-2023
Office Reader

With the Google Drive sync feature, Office Reader helps the reader to connect the your files stored on the Google Drive. Then, you can view and read files quickly on the application. You can map your Google Drive account in Office Reader, save and access your files. For this to do, Office Reader needs access to your Google Driver. 

Are you looking for an Documents reader app that can open all documents without a computer and help you quickly scan text and image files? Free Office Reader Document Scanner app will help you do that, the application allows you to read and view Word, Excel, PDF, powerpoint and TXT documents right on your phone. With document scanner by phone camera, users can get digital copies of any type of document.

Features of our Documents expert all:

Documents Scanner:

+ Scan with documents format: Convert files images into PDF format.

+ Documents scanner word & pdf: Save and view the scanned files anytime, anywhere.

+ Simple documents scanner online are optimized to run very fast.

+ Multiple types documents scanner for files

+ Simple operation Scan – Point the camera and scan the document

Create, edit and save documents in different file formats:

+ Open, edit, save and share all types of accounts documents viewer offline such as Word, Excel, PDF, TXT,…

+ Documents reader word right on your phone and save other documents into PDF files.

+ Edit – select the desired part of the document to convert

Convenient usability:

+ Conveniently share pdf viewer documents reader in PDF or JPEG formats with friends via Email, or post them on social media.

+ Support to search function will save time when read all documents.

+ Documents scanner online can connect quickly, easily, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

+ Help categorize documents quickly with pdf viewer