Notepad – Notebook for notes

Post by Diavostar | 12-11-2022
Notepad – Notebook for notes

Are you looking for the best performing free notepad app? Our notepad app is a fast, simple and convenient way to take notes and easily organize the important things to remember.

With our note taking app, you won’t have to compromise on any features. Whether you want to outline notes, create checklists, organize your notes by custom categories, or jot down your notes, this is the app for you.

Features available in our notepad:

• Easily create checklists and to-do lists for grocery shopping, traveling, business trips or the like.
• With the sync feature, your data and notes are backed up, restored and synced with your Google Drive account, helping to avoid data loss. For this to do, Notepad-Memo needs access to your Google Driver.
• Create custom category tags to easily organize your notes.
• Add images to notes.
• Get one-click access by adding a widget to your phone and choosing your favorite Notebook theme
• Customize your notebook by choosing your favorite color and choosing from the many wallpapers provided.
• Pin important notes to the top of your notes list.
• Sketch notes using our drawing feature.

• Record audio notes in the app and add written notes to the recording.
• Create unlimited notes quickly and easily.
• Optional password protected notes.
• Search for specific notes.
• Make your notes colorful by choosing one of the available themes.
• Archive old notes and get quick access to all stored notes.
• Access to deleted notes in case you change our mind.
• Add a shortcut to the home screen for quick access to important notes.
• Easily create notes after a call when you need to remember important things from the conversation.

Why choose our notepad?

• The notebook is free to use and convenient for making to-do lists, checklists, recordings, and sketches or drawings.
• You will always have your notes at hand when you have a phone.
• You get unique features like setting a reminder for your checklist or an important note that you need to be reminded of.
• Create personalized, colorful and inspirational notebooks with our note themes and color options.
• You can enjoy all the notes features listed above for free in this notepad app.