Daily water – Drink diet log

Post by Diavostar | 15-11-2022
Daily water – Drink diet log

Do you always forget to drink water regularly?

If you’re too busy to remember having to drink enough and regularly, don’t worry, there’s “drink water” to help you solve that problem.

Drink water: the application will remind you to drink water every day and keep track of your drink history. Drink water reminder app helps you keep a water tracker you need to replenish and water drinking reminder in time.

Benefit of drink water:

– Helps maximize physical performance

– May help prevent and treat headaches

– Drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight. This is because water can increase satiety and boost your metabolic rate.

– Weight gain: stay in shape and keep fit; water is calorie free

– Boosts skin and nails health and beauty

– Helps prevent kidney stones

– Keeps you hydrated


– Personalized water intake : Based on your weight and gender, a drink water reminder will recommend how much water you should take each day.

– Long list of beverages : Besides the water, our diet app lets you add various drinks such as fruit juice, soup, smoothie, and many more.

– Drink reminder : Smart drink water app will work by your schedule. Our water reminder is fully customizable.

– Statistics : Use this water tracker for weight loss and follow your progress. Water Reminder app will help you to get rid of dehydration for good.

– Adjustable daily goal : Adapt your daily goal to physical activity & weather. Improve your diet and lose weight according to a plan.

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– Quick logging : Add your beverage with a single tap using notification or widgets whenever your water reminder notifies you.

– Customizable units : Choose between imperial (fl oz) and metric (ml) units for the water tracker and hydration app.

– Achievements : Not only our hydro coach takes care of your intake, but he will reward you by unlocking levels and various achievements.

Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood change, cause your body to overheat, and lead to constipation and kidney stones.