Calendar: Schedule Planner

Post by Diavostar | 12-11-2022
Calendar: Schedule Planner

The Smart Calendar app is a perfect personal planner and business calendar to help you schedule and plan your day.

Easily sync Calendar with all your current planners. It inherits the simple and clean look and feel of the calendar but makes it more accessible, powerful and reliable on your Android phone. Plan and organize events on your calendar easier. Access your Calendar right after a phone call and easily add appointments or to-do lists to your schedule.

Everything you need in a calendar app: Calendar planner, scheduler and to-do list. It provides a great overview of your daily events, is easy to use and gives you a clear overview to plan and schedule your events and tasks.

To plan, create a to-do list, or add an event with Calendar is simple, and check your upcoming agenda daily, weekly, or monthly.

Calendar feature

▪ Manage contacts: link contacts to your schedule
▪ Customizable templates: create your own templates for new meetings/appoints
▪ Multi-selection: delete, move or copy multiple events at once
▪ Planner scheduler and task organizer in one app
▪ The main views are clearly designed: month, week, year and event
▪ Intuitive navigation with simple swipe gestures between daily and weekly planner
▪ Birthdays and holidays
▪ Choose your preferred Planner view (month, week, day, agenda widget, etc.)
▪ Create a to-do list right after the call
▪ Receive configurable notifications for your appointments
▪ Separate ringtones for different events
▪ The call feature allows you to add and track the date schedule during and after the call.

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Your unique calendar widget

▪ 7 professional calendar widgets
▪ Monthly, weekly, daily, task, icon and agenda
▪ Tailor each to suit your individual needs