Audio Recorder – Voice Memos

Post by Diavostar | 12-11-2022
Audio Recorder – Voice Memos

Audio Recorder – Voice Memos is a free recording app for Android phones. The app is designed to provide users with high quality audio recordings with an easy to use recorder, simple user interface .

The application provides recordings with a long duration (with a capacity limit) so that you do not miss important sounds. With the application’s recording and playback features, you can use it for purposes such as: recording the sounds that take place in meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts or sleeping sounds such as: snoring, talking at night, … or anything else you want.

Online recorder for students:

Record lectures and presentations with good, clear audio quality, so you can review them quickly and accurately even without a teacher in front of you. The application does not limit recording time to help you easily record long lectures and presentations.

Online recorder for works:

Record important interviews or meetings that you want to hear back, or share with colleagues who missed work that day because of illness or busy work.

In addition to students and work, the application can also be used in many other fields such as: music, business, recording interesting stories in life, …

Download now Audio Recorder – Voice Memos app to memorize everything easily and accurately.

Format and sound of the application:

– Recording application includes many formats: M4a format has good sound quality, small file size; the Wav format is a standard audio format that stores uncompressed audio data; the last is the 3gp format commonly used for mobile telecommunications services to save space.
– The sampling rate can be adjusted from phone quality of 8Khz to CD quality of 48Khz.
– The bit rate can vary from 48 kbps to 256 kbps.
– The application supports Stereo and Mono audio.

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Voice recorder interface and features:

– Keep the screen always on when recording.
– Display file name after recording is complete.
– Automatically stop recording when answering the phone.
– Display recorded waveforms in the application interface.
– Start recording launch easily with just one touch.
– Fast forward, slow down at will.
– Can record and play back in the background even when the screen is off.
– Allows you to add selected records to bookmarks.
– Themes with different colors for you to easily choose the color you like.
– Find the recording file easily by searching the file name on the search bar.
– There are many ways to sort recording files such as: by date (latest), by date (oldest), by name (A-Z), by name (Z-A), by duration (longest), by duration (short) best).
– Provide full information of recording file: Name, format, bit rate, number of channels, sampling rate, duration, size, file location, created.
– Use the recording as a ringtone, alarm or notification sound for your phone.
– Many different languages ​​from all over the world.